The Singers

James Anderson-Besant (2017-2020)

  • Bass
  • Organ

Born in ‘the other place,’ James grew up in close proximity to a helicopter base. Sadly this aural onslaught had a devastating impact on his singing voice, so he took up the organ instead. Really an engineer in pitiful disguise as a musician, James has often attempted to hide his dark past as a creator of Lego keyboard instruments, but to no avail. After extensive modification in brick, the chapel organ can now cook pasta and, for James’ own health, closely monitor his enthusiasm for St John’s psalmody. James spent a gap year at Gloucester Cathedral, where he set a world record for the loudest sneeze ever recorded in a sacred building. His interests include the fauxbourdon canticle settings of Philip Moore and the art of apologising from the organ loft.

Glen Dempsey (2015-2018)

  • Organ
  • Tenor

Given the number of wonderful accents in the Gents, and also the College’s position in East Anglia, Glen is disappointed that he has been unable to retain any of his native Suffolk vowel sounds. That being said, he often unintentionally inserts exotic diphthongs into words whilst singing. When he is not doing that, he can usually be found in the organ loft, where he indulges in his favourite pastimes of transposition, score-reading and pencil sharpening.

After spending a year playing the organ and drinking cider at Windsor Castle, Glen moved to Amsterdam on a whim and studied the organ further at a church in the heart of the Red Light District. He feels slightly prepared for life in the Gents as a result of these experiences. His other interests include searching for hitherto undiscovered functions on his scientific calculator, and pretending to know what he’s talking about generally.